Mermaid Model Teresa

Teresa has been a model for a long time and is available for photo shoots. She's amphibious, comfortable in water or on land. Sometimes, she even flies...

Birth of a Tribe

It all started January 16th, 2012. The MAUI MERMAID TRIBE was born. On that day, Teresa was re-baptized as a Mermaid! So inspired was she, as 8 Mermaids spontaneously converged at the Sacred Pools in the Iao Valley, after a most auspicious dream, that first morning ever, waking up in Haiku, Maui. And so it began, though she'd been dreaming of it for years.

Maui Goddess

MAUI GODDESS is an experience you'll discover when you join us on Maui. If you're a woman, you may learn more during our spa retreats for women. Everyone else will enjoy this adventure at one of our community-building events. Mother Maui offers us rejuvenating experiences, whether we're there for a week or a lifetime. Just being there is rejuvenating.

For Women

Mermaids Mermaids For women, we offer tropical spa retreats, water dance events, socials, makeovers, and blogs on how to be a real mermaid. So get your Splash on and feel more exuberant than you have in too long a time! But whether you live in Maui or Siberia, you can get lots of ideas to bring your Mer on, wherever you are!  

For Lovers

  MerLove   Lovers around the world, both singles and couples, will enjoy our Mermaid Entertainment productions. We have community socials, educational webinars, with eBooks, mobile apps, music, and streaming videos coming soon.

Love Your Ocean

Love Your Ocean We at MERMAID ENTERTAINMENT were inspired by ocean conservancy efforts to create our company. By making ocean conservancy more fun, combining it with community building, social events, retreats, makeovers, meditations, and other enlightening entertainment options, we find more people are getting involved.  


  Maui Goddess   MAUI GODDESS is a multi-faceted effort to bring people together for a number of reasons. We offer women's spa retreats, host Maui parties, offer advice for your next trip to Maui, and more. Stay tuned for more Maui Goddess projects ~ mobile apps, streaming video, music, and other creative projects to inspire you as you move in the direction of your tropical paradise.  

“I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

~ Anais Nin


Where you get your Splash on ~

Welcome to MERMAID ENTERTAINMENT, a group of ocean-loving men and women who love building community and helping out with ocean conservancy projects. Enjoy exploring this website via the menu above, the slider posts, blocks of content. We organized the site into four basic sections:

1) Programs for Women; 2) Programs for Lovers; 3) Ocean Conservancy Projects; and 4) Maui Information

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